Sunday, October 26, 2014

  1. Do you think that Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote this book based on what to him during his time in camp?
Yes I believe that Alexander wrote this book based on what he experienced at camp, because he uses a lot of detail in his writing adding reality to the text, and creating characters based on the people that share the same camp time with him. However I think that some things were added to boost the story, making it more exciting. 

2. What was the meaning of the cigarette in camp?

The cigarette meant freedom to the prisoners, which they didn't have, food which wasn't in abundance and were always fighting for, it meant warmth in there souls and freezing bodies. It filed the void in their lives will in prison. 


  1. I liked the idea that you mentioned about the cigaret and I would like to add more. I would like to point out that maybe they are smoking because they try to kill themselves slowly. Maybe their burning themselves to keep themselves warm today. What do you think?

  2. Pedro,

    1.) I completely agree with you that this book is based on the experiences of the author in camp. We can see this y the depth and the description of the book.

    2.) Gabe, I believe that your theory is very interesting to why these people are smoking but I believe that Pedro's response to his question has a larger chance t be correct. I am pretty sure that the reason some men started to smoke is to get rid of their misery, just like most people that once started to smoke. There comes a time where people can't handle the pressure, or the intensity of something anymore, and that is when they start smoking. In my opinion, this is the reason why these people are smoking. They simply can't handle it anymore.


  3. Pedro, I think you could have put more effort into your blog post, since there are only two questions (there should be three.) Also, the quality of the questions isn't very good. You asked if Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote the book based on his camp experience, but that was already written in the introduction of the book. To answer your second question, I only think the prisoners smoke because they like it, and it was a common thing at the time.