Sunday, November 9, 2014

Literary Analysis - Julia Jacob - #5

So far in the book, the reader can see that the author chose to move the book foreword in a chronological way, which has the audience following the story with the characters. Even if the book is simply based upon the one day of Ivan's 3,653 days of his prison sentence, the audience feels the story developing in details, it seems like a month worth of events happening. One example from the book that shows this would be in page 41 when Denisovich talks to the reader using the single viewpoint in first person "Washing the floor was a job for the hut orderly, a zek who wasn't sent out to work. But he had made himself so much at home in the HQ hut that  [...for some time now he'd regarded cleaning floors for mere warders as demeaning. They'd sent for him a time or two, then realized how things stood and started 'pulling' one or another of the working prisoners to clean the floor." By this quote one can easily see that the narrator does not only state what happens but also he shows us with words. 

I believe that the reason Alexander Solzhenitsyn decided to use these techniques was to push the reader's thinking foreword. To make us understand what the prisoners feel, what the people that have to do all the work and be harshly treated think in just one day. This can cause the reader to also reflect on the point of view of the guards, or even the zek. It makes the reader wonder. 

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