Monday, November 10, 2014

One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich - By: Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Guilherme Zicarelli

Pages 134 - 167

Question : What themes does the author explore in the novel? What passages in the text connect to the theme.

I think that one of the main themes that is very present in the book is unfairness. Unfairness is very present because at all times he is talking about how guards treat prisoners horribly and sometimes beat them up with no good reason or with no reason at all. Other thing that is very unfair is the conditions that they are forced to work in. They work for sometimes ten hours each day. Food is lacking to every one, bread is hard and tasteless, the oatmeal can t even be called by it original name because it tastes like nothing. They work hard and cant recover their energies to keep on working efficiently, as a result they are punished. That is something that Ivan brings up again and again through out the entire novel.


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  1. Gui,
    Your post has a really clear point and developed ideas. This made me think further in teh topic of unfairness. One would imagine that somebody who is put in this camp is somewhat a criminal, but on the other hand the main character is trying his best to behave and get out of the camp as soon as possible.
    Great post!