Saturday, November 8, 2014

Literary Analysis Questions Week 5

How did the author use a particular literary technique (allusion, metaphor, imagery, symbolism, etc.) and what effect does this technique have on the reader?

I think that the book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich symbolises many things. For example, bread,  Shukhov's spoon, camaraderie and more. Beyond these, I thought that Shukhov's spoon symbolised the most important thing to me, individuality. After every meal, Shukhov always hides his spoon in his boots and that approached to me as his individuality. It makes Shukhov feel different and unique because it is something that only he has as a prisoner. In the camp, they try to destroy the sense of uniqueness and being different. Due to this, Shukhov must hide his spoon from the camp officials and continue the individuality he has carved out for himself in the camp. It approached to me as the spoon is the symbol of how each prisoner is forced to hide each one's uniqueness from the camp. Due to the camp which does not allow individuality and uniqueness, Shukhov's most valued possession is the spoon, a tool Shukhov takes care of rather than all his other materials such as knives and destructive tools. Due to Shukhov's living conditions, he is dedicated to conserve his identity and uniqueness, supporting himself with provisions. However, not only physically but also spiritually. Also, by symbolising Shukhov's spoon, it emphasised individuality and uniqueness to the readers. 

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