Sunday, November 2, 2014

Question #4 - Literary Analysis - Chloé C.

4. Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

"So on with regular, deliberate steps." (Solzhenitsyn, 118)

At first this line doesn't look like a decision, but I shortened it because it lasted an entire page. He and the rest of the prisioners decided they would not listen to what Tsezar was saying. For example, he said "Get a move on!" (Solzhenitsyn, 118), in which he wanted the prisioners to move quicker but no one was listening to him. He tried and tried to make everyone do what he said, but no one did, and Tsezar couldn' t do anything to force them to stop since they were in fives, perfect alignment, therefore, Tsezar couldn't do a thing.

I chose this image because it represents the way the prisioners were treating Tsezar.

I didn't quite understand why did the characters make this choice, but as far as I understood they were acting that way because because someone was stealling things, but I am not sure, not sure about why did they do it nor if it was justified.

I chose this image because it shows the state of confusion I was in when the character made his choice.

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