Monday, November 3, 2014

Round #4 - Illustrious Artist - Guilherme Zicarelli

I chose the image of old russian bread because in the book it had a small role. It is not as big as any other problems that happened in the book, however, Ivan told a story about a conflict that happened all because of a small piece of bread. He said that before people received their bread and instead of giving it back they could steal it only by having someone distract the guard. The guards noticed the trick and made a new rule, every one should have the bread in a metal case. So after you ate what you wanted you had to return the bread to the guard inside a metal case. Before the metal case plan people stole the bread and used it as fuel in their runaways.

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  1. I really liked your post. I liked what you told about the people that would steal bread to have food. It is kind of interesting to hear that story. Good job.