Monday, February 23, 2015

One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich- Carolina Laport

One day in a Life of Ivan Denisovich

Week #4
Line Illuminator ( Job #1 )

Line #1

Page: #123
‘’ But a cobblers knife was money, it was bread. A pity to throw it away.’’

On page 123, the Ivan and Shukhov were waiting to get searched.  Later Shukhov found out that he had brought a small piece of broken hacksaw blade. It was dangerous because if the guards found out he had broken hacksaw they could classify it as a knife and that would mean 10 years in a jail cell. However he had to think twice because that piece of hacksaw could be very useful. The reason I choose this line was because it shows how something so little can do a lot, and how in their case you always have to think twice. But you have to be careful; you need to be prepared for anything. Shuvhov could have thrown the hacksaw into the snow or he could try to hide it, and so he did by putting the small broken hacksaw blade into his left glove.

Line #2
‘’It isn’t so terrible to unbutton your coat now. We’re going home. That’s what everyone used to say: ‘’Going home.’’ We never had the time to think of any other home.’’

I think this line from the book Is very controversial. This quote expresses hope, and will power. When your in a deadly situation you will always have to hold on to something to keep you going.  The line going home impacts millions of people in million different ways.  My this line I feel that many people’s hope was going hope.  Its important to know that in a dark tunnel you can find a light.

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