Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week #2 Illustrious Artist (Julia)

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
pages 33-68
Illustrious Artist

I drew this drawing to show that the prisoners feel really cold. I drew a chicken with no fur feeling cold. That was probably how the prisoners and Ivan felt working in the cold. All the time, they are emphasising the fact that they are cold and freezing while working. They can't even wear extra layers of clothes because the guards check them to make sure they are not wearing other extra layers of clothes that they are not suppose to. They can't have more than one pair of boots and other clothes that are not provided from the camp. Ivan is always saying that his clothes doesn't warm him, his hands freeze even when wearing gloves, he can't feel his feet even when wearing boots. He and the rest of 104 are creating an area and getting wood and other things to stay warm and not freeze to death while working. Teamwork is also something really important. They depend on one another and separate jobs. If one of them doesn't do it right, all of the are punished. They have to work together to get everything they need and put it together so that they don't die in the cold. If one person doesn't get something or doesn't do their part, everyone will freeze to death. The thing they most talk about in the book is how The prisoners are cold and that they have to work in the snow freezing. They don't even talk to one another while working because it's so cold. They do everything they can to get warmer but they still freeze. They probably feel like this chicken without fur, naked working in the cold. 


  1. Dear Julia,
    What a great drawing! I thought your drawing expressed in a funny, but still direct way, how the people in the gulag lived. The prisoners couldn't get extra clothes, as you mentioned. Why? Do you think that it is because they don't have resources or is it because they simply want to torture the prisoners? What is your opinion? I think that they didn't have enough resources, since the war was right before this happened.
    Lucas T.

  2. Julia,
    I really liked your drawing. I think it really expresses your thoughts. I liked how your compared Ivan and the rest chicken without feathers. Its interesting the way you thought about the story and try to image you in there shoes trying to create a drawing that you thought they would feel. Also you used actual phrases from the book, to support your thought and idea. Overall great post!

  3. I really liked your drawing I think it really represents what prisoners in Gulags felt. Something that you could have added was a skinny chicken with it ribs showing or something like that because of the lack of food in the camps.