Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Connection Captain Week 3# Heitor G.

First Connection: Communism

Aspects of communism have been present in all the books we read this school year, but in "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" It has never been so obvious. The first connection that is easy to make is the time period where the books takes place, 1951 to be exact. That means that the labor camp Shukhov is in is most likely soviet and as we know, the Soviet Union is a direct link to communism. Besides this however, there is very little to prove that communism is actually implanted in the book.

Second Connection: Maus

Maus is a graphic novel that follows the experiences of a Holocaust survivor. We read this book this year, but I have read it in the past before that. The main connection in between the two books is mostly the setting, which is in a camp, the only difference being Communist vs Nazi. So the best way to compare the two is to find out which one is worse. The main difference in between the two camps is the obvious. The Nazi camps were meant to kill, but we do not know if the camp that Shukhov is in is actually a death trap. The most valuable argument, is that it is not, since so many people are still alive. In the end, Hitler killed 12 Million people, but Stalin killed a horrible number of 20 Million. So the communist are indeed more dangerous.

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