Wednesday, March 11, 2015

illustrious Artist- Anna Farnes

illustrious Artist

 Week 4
One day in the life of Ivan...
Pg 106-133
Annelise Farnes

I choose to draw a picture of the book that took place on (page 111). . It say's "A man whose warm can't understand a man whose freezing." This quote really stood out to me because it tells how you have to go through the same thing in order to truly understand a person. Because if you know how someone feels, then you would want to be the first person to help that person, in whatever their going through. But, if you didn't got through that experience, then you would not really feel as sympathetic towards that person. Like for example, the guards at the Labor camp don't know exactly what the prisoners are going through. But every other prisoner has a feel at what the others may be going through too.

A thing that also surprised me in this passage is that the prisoners would wake up early and work through most of the night. They would work through the snow and the only way to stay warm is to continually stop your feet or pace back and forth. And in a part of the book the prisoners tried to fight somewhat back and they would threaten to have them all sit in the snow, I think for the rest of the night.

Another part of this section that also surprised me and also shocked me in a way, was when one of the  prisoners fell asleep in a place that he could be warm, the guards had guns pointed right at him for it. It's crazy that living in one of these Russian labor camps, just trying to stay warm is risky.

I also drew another picture of the prisoners working through the night, and pacing back and forth in order to stay warm. It shows the snow falling down also, to represents how cold it gets at night too. I honestly wonder what it would've been like to stay in a labor camp like this one, or any of them during this time.

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