Sunday, March 15, 2015

Post #3 Risk Taking Researcher - Enzo .H

One Day in a Life of Ivan Denisovich

by Ivan Denisovich

One thing that I really wanted to research about the book One Day in a Live of Ivan Denisovich was the gulag system that was like an concentration camp in the Holocaust ,but it was kind of different. I think that living in a place like the gulag was hard and in Russia is worst because of the freezing climate which made people die of sickness and other diseases.  On my research they said that the gulag system was working in a labor camp in a harsh conditions. You had to work 14 hours non-stop and the guards that lived their would care about you because you were a tool to build or create things. One really important fact is that the workers of the gulag opened a canal in only 20 months. Imagine shoveling dirt from a path for 14 hours non stop. Some worked in canals ,but another thing that was typical in a gulag was to mine coppers with a wooden pickaxe for 14 hours and the dust from the cave would make you have lung cancer because they inhaled it for 14 hours non-stop.

This are the workers from a mine in a Gulag 

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