Sunday, March 15, 2015

Post #4 Literary Analysis - Enzo Hahn

One Day in a Life

by Ivan Denisovich

What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

While the book is getting closer to an end the theme that emerged on this book since the start of it was survival because of the main character harsh life living in the camp. The camp was really cold and they didn't have so much food, this made it really hard for anyone survive in it. Survival is a word that you start to understand more every year that you get older. In 8th grade we learned about how hard it was to survive the holocaust and we even talked to a women that survived it. I asked her one question for and it was, " What word describes the holocaust?". She looked at me with her face and reminded her in their living in a camp with 1 meter and 69 centimeter living with only 30 kilos. She responded to me "Horror, it was horrible". I felt said for her to have lived the holocaust with only 11 years old because she was a child still at that time.  We are also studying about the Israel and Palestine war and their conditions surviving a war and there life. It should be hard for you to hide when you are only 11 years old from a missile at your recess time. Surviving you can find in all of the world, in video games and etc. For me it means living in a hard condition or with problems. 

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  1. Enzo, I think you did a very nice job, I really think you could work on your vocabulary, and on your description I think you could go more in depth, otherwise it was good.