Sunday, May 10, 2015

Connection Captain_Giulia

One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Giulia Di Bella
Week #4
Pages 106-133
Block 1.6

Scene from the book:  

         Actually, the connection I am about to make, does not really come from a scene, it comes more from the plot or theme of the book. I feel like One Day in the Life, connects to another book, Animal Farm, because although both have a very different plot and story idea, they have one thing in common... both themes eventually roam back to this idea of communism or dictatorship from a higher class of society or community.
         In the book we are currently reading, we can see that the prisoners don't really have a say in the book and don't get much alternatives when it comes to personal choice or ideas. The prisoners just follow what the guards say because it's a life or death matter. By that, I mean that whatever they do, it is extremely important that they do so and do it right, otherwise their lives could even come at risk. The prisoners just followed, obeyed naturally, and never questioned about things directly to the guards. Even though they might have thought about certain questions or topics to ask, they never really had the nerves to share their idea out loud. The prisoners where so scared of the guards that they just basically gave up in trying to fight to survive that they just simply gave in, and lived on the guards' own laws.
         This fits perfectly in the ideas of the book Animal Farm, because in Animal Farm, the animals such as the sheep, the horses, the birds and etc... would only follow the pigs orders and instead of fighting for their own rights or opinions, they just simply gave in because they thought it was not worth the conflict, and also because they were completely brainwashed by the new source of power; the pigs. Since things were fine, why question or argue, or bring things back to how they were? Everything was fine and "better", as far as they were concerned. There was no point, right, but the animals did not notice that a great part of them was being ripped off of each and every one of them; their individualities, uniquenesses, opinions, differentials, and much more. They just became all the same and indifferent, all just animals of the same farm working hard to satisfy their same leader.       
         The connection between One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich and Animal Farm, is that both have this idea of a greater power leading over a larger, but weaker, group of people that changed and manipulated them only to remain in power. In the Ivan Denisovich book, the guards rule over the prisoners, obviously, and in Animal Farm, the pigs ruled over the rest of the animals, and my connecti0n as you all could probably see, was the similarity of themes between these two completely different, however similarly plotted books.,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNHDAzyGPdxXYKYaOxZwkApVFG-7Uw&ust=1431479383780542

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